The Amazing Ha Anh

I first interviewed Ha Anh for Oi Vietnam magazine back in 2015, before going on to collaborate with her on her grandparents’ book Letters in Love and War. During our interview, Ha Anh offered many fascinating opinions and insights into the modeling industry in Vietnam and her experiences both here and abroad. While the limitations in word length … More The Amazing Ha Anh

Kathy Uyen’s Haircut

One of my favourite interviews with any Vietnamese celebrity ever has to be the 90 minutes I spent at Ru Nam café having coffee with actress Kathy Uyen. At the time, we at Metro Writers were exploring our first biography projects, and I was interested in learning more about Kathy personally so that I could … More Kathy Uyen’s Haircut

You Don’t Know Jack

For some time now, Metro Writers have been working on a full-length biography of Chef Jack Lee, Saigon’s own celebrity chef to the stars. I first interviewed Jack Lee for the December 2014 issue of Oi Vietnam magazine. He was highly engaging, amusing, and had a great story. As we were searching for a suitable … More You Don’t Know Jack