Your Idea, Your Story

What if you have this great idea for a book – you know how the story unfolds, you know who the main characters are going to be, you know roughly how long it should be, and you even have a great idea sketched out for the cover. Or maybe it’s an inspirational book you want … More Your Idea, Your Story

Books for Your Business

Corporate biographies can become part of the face of your business, so It’s important to make sure it looks good – and it should also be an interesting and informative read. Clients won’t be impressed by a cheaply-produced volume filled mostly with uninspiring photographs of your staff and premises – a mistake many businesses make … More Books for Your Business

The Business of Books

Ask yourself a question – if you had a book with your name and photo on the cover, what would that do for your career? Would it give you a higher status in the eyes of your peers and colleagues? Would it establish your reputation as an important individual in your industry, as the key … More The Business of Books

Book Launch at L’Usine

Metro Writers was responsible for creating the international edition of Letters in Love and War, and we feel greatly honoured to have had the opportunity to bring this important book to the attention of English language speakers around the world. The authors of this book are quite well known in Vietnamese literary society; Vu Tu … More Book Launch at L’Usine

Letters in Love and War

It was an intimate event in Hanoi’s Ba Dinh district last weekend where celebrated writers Vu Tu Nam and Thanh Huong launched their new book, an English language publication entitled Letters in Love and War, translated and edited by Metro Writers. The work is a translated collection of the love letters that the two writers … More Letters in Love and War

The Amazing Ha Anh

I first interviewed Ha Anh for Oi Vietnam magazine back in 2015, before going on to collaborate with her on her grandparents’ book Letters in Love and War. During our interview, Ha Anh offered many fascinating opinions and insights into the modeling industry in Vietnam and her experiences both here and abroad. While the limitations in word length … More The Amazing Ha Anh

Advice for Authors

Lower your expectations. The happiest authors are the ones that don’t expect much. The best time to start promoting your book is three years before it comes out. Three years to build a reputation, build a permission asset, build a blog, build a following, build credibility and build the connections you’ll need later. Pay for … More Advice for Authors

What Editing Is

There has been some debate in our office as to what services should be covered under the category of “editing”, and what our clients should expect if they need editing as opposed to proofreading. In fact, there are generally three levels of editing work, only one of which is what’s commonly called proofreading. In reading … More What Editing Is

Kathy Uyen’s Haircut

One of my favourite interviews with any Vietnamese celebrity ever has to be the 90 minutes I spent at Ru Nam café having coffee with actress Kathy Uyen. At the time, we at Metro Writers were exploring our first biography projects, and I was interested in learning more about Kathy personally so that I could … More Kathy Uyen’s Haircut

Corporate Credibility

Metro Writers business biographies are all about credibility. Something of immense value to any business, credibility is hard to achieve – but when you have it, it brings both money and opportunities from your hard-won supporters. Business leaders who are recognised as credible players in their field gain respect and admiration from both colleagues and … More Corporate Credibility